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Gustavo's Research

Selected Journal Articles

Link to Gustavo's Google Scholar personal page

Lotta, G., Tavares, G. M., & Story, J. (2023). Political Attacks and The Undermining of the Bureaucracy: The Role of Civil Servants’ Well-Being. Accepted for publication in Governance


Story, J., Lotta, G., & Tavares, G. M. (2023). (Mis) Led by an Outsider: Abusive Supervision, Disengagement, and Silence in Politicized Bureaucracies. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 

Lagowska, U., Sobral, F., Tavares, G. M. (2022). Joint Effects of Shared and Transformational Leadership on Performance in Street-Level Bureaucracies: Evidence from the Educational Sector. Public Administration Review.

Sobral, F., Tavares, G.M., Furtado, Lagowska, U., L. Neto, J. A. M. (2022) Deceitful When Insecure: The Effect of Self-efficacy Beliefs on the Use of Deception in Negotiations. Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility.

Tavares, G. M., Sobral, F., & Wright, B. E. (2021). Commitment to public values, charismatic leadership attributions, and employee turnover in street-level bureaucracies. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory

Tavares, G. M., Lima, F. V., & Michener, G. (2021). To blow the whistle in Brazil: The impact of gender and public service motivation. Regulation & Governance

Tavares, G. M., Sobral, F., Goldszmidt, R., & Araújo, F. (2018). Opening the implicit leadership theories’ black box: An experimental approach with conjoint analysis. Frontiers in Psychology

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